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Ensight Haynes Whaley & Thornton Tomasetti

I’m thrilled to share with you that Ensight Haynes Whaley is now collaborating on strategic public project pursuits with renowned engineering firm Thornton Tomasetti.

The possibilities of this new collaboration are limitless. Thornton Tomasetti is recognized for their expertise in all aspects of structural engineering and have notable projects at many of the nation’s premier higher education institutions. They’re also an industry leader in research on methods and materials to optimize structural performance.

A primary driver behind our decision to align with TT is our shared philosophy of embracing the challenges of demanding projects.

-TT’s motto: “When others say no, we say ‘here’s how’.”

-EHW’s motto: “Possibility is the root of all achievement.”

These mottos capture both firms’ focus on creative structural engineering solutions. Like us, TT is known for their work on highly technical, mechanically intense projects.

Working with TT is a natural fit. For 20+ years EHW’s leadership has worked closely with the TT Houston office leaders on many of the most unique and challenging projects in Texas. Mark Thompson is the Senior Vice President of Thornton Tomasetti’s Houston office; together we have recently completed multiple projects for Texas A&M University System, University of Texas System and Texas Tech University System, among others.

Given the close relationship between the two firms, clients will receive seamless project execution from Ensight Haynes Whaley with Thornton Tomasetti. Indeed, we’ve already seen this happen; our firms are currently working together on multiple large projects within Texas.

I remain involved in every project and committed to exceeding our clients’ expectations. Collaborating with Thornton Tomasetti deepens our bench and expands our capabilities to provide a unique level of service to even more clients and projects.

How can we assist you? Let’s talk!

Best regards,

Mark Lilie

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