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melissa lilie

chief financial officer

Though Melissa Lilie’s title is Chief Financial Officer, she is the epitome of multidisciplined. She manages office operations and is responsible for everything pertaining to administration, human resources, and accounting. Melissa earned her Bachelor of Business Administration degree from Texas A&M University and is a proud Aggie and avid football fan.


A previous educator, Melissa is still passionate about childhood education. She taught the full K-12 spectrum, from Pre-K and Kinder, to Geometry/Pre-Cal/Calculus and R.T.I. (Response to Intervention, for struggling students.) She volunteered in multiple capacities for the Louise ISD and served on the Methodist Childcare Board. Her kids have since graduated, but Melissa maintains her involvement in Louise ISD through a Facebook group she created called Heart of the Hornets, to keep the community current on local information.


Melissa is also an active member of her church, the First United Methodist Church of El Campo, where she sings in the choir. Melissa is always in pursuit of two things – the most beautiful place in the world, and the best cup of coffee. She looks for both anywhere she can, including camping, hiking, and sitting on the beach.


“A quote I hold close to my heart is, ‘children see the magic because they look for it.’ It’s not only a great reminder of how important it is to foster that sense of curiosity in the kids we’re around, but also to recognize that there is magic in the world – we all just need to open our eyes to it.”

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