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Possibility is the root of all achievement. It is what drives us. Since 2009 clients have relied on Ensight Haynes Whaley for structural engineering expertise. We offer full-service structural design as well as building forensics. Your ideas are the springboard for exploring the possible solutions to meet your project goals.


No project is too big or too small.

We are fully versed in local, state and federal minority contracting requirements; we are registered with the State of Texas as a Historically Underutilized Business (HUB), SBA, Hire Houston First, and City of Austin MBE.

right size

Working with Ensight Haynes Whaley allows you to rightsize your structural engineering services, regardless of project scope.

Client Reviews

“Having had the opportunity to work with Ensight Haynes Whaley on a variety of projects (new construction and renovation) over the last several years I must say their level of service has been exceptional. They have been responsive, professional and creative in their designs and solutions to unforeseen conditions.”

- Terry Whitman, Program Manager at Sam Houston State University

Core values

We are your partner and advocate. You will have a dedicated principal actively involved in every project phase.


We take an active role working with key project team members early and often.

Value-added Partnerships

We combine sound engineering with innovative problem solving; we make no assumptions and affirm all details with you and the design team.

Practical Ingenuity


Success is how you define it. Our first question is “what do you want to achieve?” and we are relentless in taking you there.

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