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Texas State University
Live Oak Hall (FILM & TV STUDIO)


Architect |

Structural Engineer |

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Completion |

Lawrence Group

Ensight Haynes Whaley

Vaughn Construction

August 2022

Live Oak Hall, a new film and television studio on campus, will provide much needed space for students pursuing degrees in filmography and media studies and will provide a significant gain in dedicated teaching labs that achieve a high degree of acoustical performance for specialized course work.  The 11,500 sf facility will serve approximately 600 students and faculty of the College of Fine Arts and Communication, and will feature a film sound stage, TV studio, recording mix classroom, editing lab, Foley room for sound effects, offices, and support spaces.

Live Oak Hall gives the School of Journalism and Mass Communication a dedicated television studio for the first time. The film sound stage and television studio will be equipped with green screen technology. The sound recording classroom will include technology for both theatre  and film sound design, with full surround sound capabilities, an isolation sound recording booth and the opportunity to employ a full array of sound effects. The television studio will feature broadband fiber for live broadcast streaming.

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